About the filmmakers

Our interest in this story as filmmakers began when we read a New York Times article that profiled Oscar Ramos and the difficulties of farm work on families. Having grown up in California (both Laura and Jackie), we were constantly immersed in the controversial conversations around migrant workers – why do we need them? What rights do they deserve? Having gone to school with migrant kids, the article touched home. We wondered why no one ever mentioned the children. When we met Oscar, we knew we had a story that would bring a new voice to the conversation around immigration.

Laura Pacheco

Laura-PachecoLaura Pacheco is an award-winning filmmaker, anthropologist and media activist. She likes to take on big issues such as public health, justice and the environment using personal narrative to do the story telling.

In the Emmy-award winning series Rx for Survival (PBS) she followed a young women dying of drug resistant TB in the slums of Lima, Peru. In Kentucky, she followed evangelical Christians protesting mountain top removal in Renewal, a film on faith and the environment. In the US, she worked with MoveOn.org to create a film and animation series that questioned the changing roles of motherhood in America.

She is passionate about using film to encourage conversation. Her films have taken her to the jungles of Guatemala, the rivers of west Africa, the tops of the Himalayas. Her work has been shown on PBS, PBS-NOVA, Discovery, The National Geographic Channel, International Climate Talks and in classrooms around the world.

Jackie Mow

Mow_portraitJackie Mow produced news in France, chased ambulances for local TV news and reported for public radio. Passionate about science and education, she eventually landed a job at NOVA, PBS’ flagship science series.

She went on to produce/direct for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and PBS Children’s Programming. She made films with a great diversity of subjects: the dog genome, Arctic dinosaurs, tunnel engineering and more. Then she worked on World in the Balance, a film about population policy.

Shooting that film took her to a Nairobi slum to follow a young woman with HIV who was looking after her five orphan siblings. On that project, Mow truly understood the power of first person storytelling.

She went on to work on films about the psychology of young girls and women including A Girl’s Life, a documentary with personal stories of cyber-bullying, violence and body image issues.

Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark is a documentary video editor currently residing in Boston. Born in Scotland and raised mostly in England, she has been editing for the past twenty years, both in London, UK and Boston, MA. She has edited for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, Errol Morris, PBS, the National Geographic Channel, and Cinemax, working on multiple shows that went on to receive Emmy-nominations. She edited the Emmy award winning HBO documentary Have You Seen Andy?, the award-winning documentary Family Affair (OWN), premiering in competition at Sundance, and The Amish: Shunned for PBS’s American Experience, nominated for a Primetime Emmy. Most recently, she cut The Guys Next Door, and The Frozen Chosen, two feature length documentaries that are in festival circuit this season.